Welcome to Red Dirt Chesapeakes located in Stillwater, Oklahoma, 50 miles east of Tulsa, Oklahoma, in the heart of red dirt country.  Red Dirt Chesapeakes are excellent working dogs competing in field trials, hunt tests and, of course, outstanding gun dogs. 

Red Dirt takes pride in our breeding program and offers the best available bloodlines from across the country.  All of our brood bitches are OFA (hip) certified and have CERF (eye) certification.  We offer guarantees on hips and eyes on all puppies. 

Our foundation stud, DFR Red Dirtís Big Iron MH WDQ (Colt), is all-age qualified and competes in field trials and hunt tests.  Colt is available for stud to qualified bitches. 

Red Dirtís founder, Chris Payne, is a professional dog trainer. He has 10 years of experience in training field trial and hunt test quality dogs, and has competed in hunt tests and field trials across the country.  Chris is passionate about the Chesapeake breed and is nationally known for his work with the American Chesapeake Club. He hosted as field trial chairman the American Chesapeake Club National Field Trial Specialty in Stillwater, Oklahoma, in 2007.  Woody Woodson became a partner in Red Dirt Chesapeakes in 2006. Woody has been an avid water fowl enthusiast for over 40 years.

Thatís the Red Dirt Chesapeakes story .... so Come on In and enjoy our Chessies. 



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Chris Payne
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